Clinical Audit

What We Do

FutureIM support Australian Hospitals and the community through our suite of Healthcare Applications and Professional Solutions.


  • Devise agnostic

  • Audit Scheduling to alert staff to action audits

  • Customizable configuration to map to any standard including NSQHS, Aged Care, Mental health, ISO

  • Customizable actions and alerts based on audit responses

  • Real time data and insights to action improvement

  • Customizable reporting for executives, managers and clinical staff

IQRS Audit capability is best in class and was designed from the ground up to support healthcare organisation to be compliant with a variety of standards, including NSQHS, NSMHS, ACQ, EQuIP and ISO.

Audit is used in many areas across the healthcare organisation to collect and monitor information that is often not attainable from other systems. FutureIM have designed IQRS to be efficient in the data collection process through the intuitive user interface as well as added features such as Scheduling, which drives users directly to the required audit at the required location with the push of a button (on the device of your choosing).

Our flexible licensing model allows different healthcare organisations to configure optional modules to meet their unique requirements. The Core IQRS module is configured for NSQHS Audit and Risk mapping.

Audits can be configured to offer multiple response types, such as radio buttons / drop down boxes/ free text etc.

Questions can have multiples rules applied at the configuration stage, with rules and triggers (actions and alerts) that may not be known to the auditor.


  • Multiple stakeholders receive reports in their preferred format

  • Actions undertaken immediately to prevent risk

  • 360 degree view of all available data

  • Immediate improvements to patient care 




Rules & Triggers:

  • Auto Fail (e.g. Patient is not wearing a wrist band)
  • Automatic notifications and alters / task allocation (e.g. NUM to get wrist band for patient)
  • Questions can be linked to policy / guidelines so that the auditor can look up more information before answering the question
  • Questions can have comments added
  • Tool Tips are available for questions where additional complexity may exist

Additional Configurable Information at Question Level:

  • Linked to one or more NSQHS (or other) standards
  • Parent / Child relationship – only answer the questions that are required
  • Different weighting per question
  • Linkage to risk control (tied back to the Risk Register)
  • Custom link field for Hospital specific requirement