Quality & Safety

Our redesign consulting services utilises a combination of Lean and Six Sigma tools coupled with Patient Centered Design and has been used to assist healthcare organisations manage key issues relating to cost reduction, quality and patient flow.

Our consulting team are experts at managing digital transformation programs and helping clients create and manage advanced analytics. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective.

The team at IQRS believe in being flexible and using the correct tool for the problem at hand. We have developed an improvement methodology aligned with scientific method for healthcare professionals; resulting in faster adoption of a structured improvement methodology and improved sustainability and a workforce more capable of identifying improvement opportunities and completing projects to improve the way they work everyday.


  • Customised redesign consulting program developed for your organisation delivering improved patient outcomes.
  • Accelerated delivery of change programs
  • Increased continuous improvement capability within your organisation
  • Delivery of sustainable projects resulting in increased staff and patient engagement