QC Health

A cloud-based Audit, Assurance and Reporting application that equips you to take control of your information with unparalleled simplicity.


We are a dedicated team of Australian Executives and support staff, all actively involved in developing and expanding QC Health to meet the needs of Australian Healthcare Organisations. 

Our experience in Healthcare is broad, delivering some of the largest and most complex Software and Information management projects in Australia. We’re proudly Australian Owned and operated, we only develop QC Health in Australia, and we reinvest at least 15% of revenues back into the ongoing Research and Development of QC Health.


QC Health is specifically configured for Australian Healthcare organisations to Audit against the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS), including the soon to be introduced Second Edition.

QC Health can be configured to any Healthcare organisation and is available for a wide variety of health services. QC Health’s configurability ensures Healthcare Organisations of varying size, structure, and complexity of health service delivery can base their audit programs on a world class Information management solution.

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) developed the NSQHS Standards to drive the implementation and use of safety and quality systems and improve the quality of health service provision in Australia. QC Technologies developed QC Health to drive the effective information capture, analysis and reporting of audit data for these standards.


QC Health Audit is a dedicated data capture tool with an incorporated risk engine, flexible in implementation and fully compatible with any web enabled device

QC Health differentiates itself from simplistic form builders or data collection apps as it has been designed and developed to link auditing to risk management by including functionality such as:

  • Link and Risk weight questions and responses
  • Configurable integrated external notifications (Email / SMS)
  • Triggered risk treatment events
  • When bundled with the QC Health Analyse module provides linkage to Audit Program Risk Metrics


QC Health Business Intelligence provides the ability to cast multiple lenses over collected audit data at any level of your organisational hierarchy.

QC Health utilises a hierarchical view of your organisation to facilitate Prescriptive Analytics applicable to any point of the organisational hierarchy. This hierarchical view also allows the establishment and mapping of user defaults, which reduces overhead and data entry while auditing.

QC Health leverages Microsoft Power BI to provide real-time embedded reporting capability, which is also accessible via Microsoft Power BI Desktop, putting you in the know and in control of your data.

QC Health differentiates itself from simple tools by integrating risk programs, standards structures, organisational hierarchy and Improvement data to provide true insight into your organisation’s risk exposure, risk assurance coverage and risk management effectiveness.


QC Health Improve is the Continual Assurance Improvement Framework (CAIF) and underpins the end-to-end modular structure of the QC Health application. Used independently CAIF can be utilised to track, manage and report on improvement activities with either an integrated PDSA framework or Quality Improvement framework.

When utilised in conjunction with Audit and Analyse Modules, the QC Health CAIF becomes Prescriptive Analytics enabled, allowing Healthcare Executives to efficiently Plan Improvements based on the embedded risk management framework, set objective, allocate tasks, track outcomes and re-commence Improvement cycles.

QC Health differentiates itself from all other solutions by being the only full integrated and fully accessible Audit, Analyse and Improve platform backed by an expert team.


As an extension of our auditing tools, QC Health offers further healthcare solutions to improve patient care.

Incident Management

  • Efficiently capture incidents and near-misses on any device
  • Powerful workflow to ensure action is taken immediately (where applicable)
  • Customisable Reporting saves time and provides real insights into your organisation

Patient Experience Monitor

  • Gather real-time Patient feedback
  • Use any device, or our Mobile or Kiosk Solutions
  • Built in alerts for critical incidents (SMS or email)
  • Fully Customisable reporting

Staff Satisfaction Surveys

  • Gather real-time data on Staff Satisfaction
  • Use any device, or our Mobile or Kiosk Solutions
  • Link Satisfaction Data with Patient Experience and NSQHS Data for root cause analysis
  • Fully Customisable reporting

Policy & Procedure Management Solutions

  • Create, Approve and Publish all of your Policies & Procedures
  • Automate the distribution, acknowledgment and acceptance of Policies
  • Customisable reporting on Policy acknowledgement statuses
  • Strengthen Compliance against clinical and non-clinical policies, procedure and practice guidelines

Complaints & Compliments Tracking

  • Empower your consumers to provide real-time feedback on your organisation.
  • Powerful workflow rules ensure that Complaints are sent to the right person / team, equipped to manage it.


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