Reporting Dashboards

Performance Monitoring System for Safety and Quality


  • Displays real-time data and insights, customized for each user
  • Real-time alerts to manage risk and incident data
  • Collate data from multiple systems in real time
  • Export directly into Excel, Word
  • Report builder
  • Present data in multiple formats (pie charts, graphs, numerical, text)
  • Powered by Microsoft Power Bi, the leading data visualisation engine
        Reporting Dashboards aggregate valuable organisational information from all data sources that form the FutureIM solution, as well as other third-party applications that are part of your organisation’s IT ecosystem to provide complete visibility and analysis. Dashboards are configured to utilise this raw data and display it in a variety of ways, including charts, graphs, maps and more. Users can view and interact with these dashboards  to create the exact view into the data they need to make critical decisions. Reports can be deployed as role-based, enabling a consistent view of organisational data to all users of the same role.


  • Complete 360 degree view of data from all systems

  • Drive action in real time, to the right people

  • Unparalleled data insights with actionable outcomes

  The Report Builder enables user to select data based on:
  • Location
  • Date Range
  • Audit Name
  • Audit Questions
  • Comparison or Aggregation of Data
  • Chart Display type
  • And, Customisable values
  The user can then generate the report, displaying the data in the visual of their choosing along with the a data table. Reporting dashboards utilise Microsoft’s Power BI, the most sophisticated business intelligence and data visualisations engines available. FutureIM has experienced and professional data analysts on staff that can create spectacular visuals whilst providing the most up to date and contextual data needed to run your organisation. FutureIM have also developed customizable workflows to enable Push Reports. Push Reports are designed to drive notifications, actionable tasks and report data based on configurable conditions in real time.